Redefine metabolic weight loss

New 6 week diet and exercise program: Redefine™ Metabolic Weight Loss Program

The Redefine™ Metabolic Weight Loss Program is a 6 week step by step diet and exercise program combining evidence based weight loss eating and physical activity into a daily weight loss plan. Created by doctors, psychiatrists and physiotherapists the easy to follow program includes daily dietary and exercise plans with up-to-date medical information, recipes, videos and exercise […]


Photo courtesy of the Heart Foundation

Sang Choy Bow

(Photo courtesy of the Heart Foundation) A wonderful Chinese delicacy  that looks great, taste exotic and is the perfect light dinner. No one it is a Chinese favourite. Serves : 4 Time taken:  25mins INGREDIENTS 300 gms pork mince 300 gms veal mince 1 tbsp sesame oil 60 mls soy sauce 60 mls oyster sauce […]

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