Coronavirus (COVID-19) and being overweight

Obesity related conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancers have been identified as risk factors likely to worsen Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. This has been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Given the high rates of people being overweight or obese in Australia and around the globe, this means that a […]



Tones and I: An inspiration to women’s health and body image

Image source: Getty/Mark Metcalfe Toni Watson, better known as “Tones and I” set the ARIA’s alight last night with 4 ARIA awards and an energetic performance of her world hit “Dance Monkey”. But it was her acceptance speech that was not only humble but inspirational. “I’m not into makeup or dresses or typically girly things, […]



We need to stop saying “it’s ok to be overweight”!

2018 Obesity and Overweight Report card  At the end of each year, I usually reflect back and assess how we are doing at “winning the battle of obesity”. But every year, there is the same dreary and bloody outcome. We are not only losing the battle but we are getting completely defeated. Every year, like […]


fruit and vegetables weight loss

Food as Medicine

Are we eating enough fruit and vegetables? Do Australians eat the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables consisting of 2 or more serves of fruits and 5 or more serves of vegetables? What is our scorecard? Are we achieving this? A recent National survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that 45% of […]



There is no such thing as “Healthy Obesity”.

One of the most frustrating misconceptions I address on a weekly basis is notion of “healthy obesity”. I often have patients who come in to see me who say, “ I’m 25 kg overweight but I’m healthy.” Usually they have been sent in by their wives, boyfriends or best friends and they are in denial […]


Game of Thromes Obesity Great War

Get out the Dragonglass: We are losing the Great War (against Obesity)

“If we don’t put aside our enmities and band together, we will die. And then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne” – Jon Snow Just like in the Great War against the White Walkers, the long and hard battle against obesity is not going well.  Just take any stat against global and […]


diet myths

Top 5 Diet Myths: have we been fooled?

1. Carbs are bad You have probably heard it until the cows come home, “carbs are bad. You need to ditch them”. However, this is not strictly true. Carbohydrates are not bad, only some of them. To simplify things, there are simple carbohydrates and complex ones. Simple carbohydrates are found in refined and processed foods […]


health snacks

Top 5 “health foods” to avoid: not so healthy “health foods”.

Are we fueling our body with the right foods? Do we think we are choosing “health foods” but unwittingly filling our engines with foods high in sugar and refined, processed carbohydrates which cause more damage to our health than good?  Let’s take a look at the most common health foods that are actually not so healthy after […]


beyonce's twins

Beyoncé’s twins: Is it genes or can we give our babies the same start as Beyoncé and Jay-Z?

Beyoncé has sent the internet into a spin, posting her first pictures on Instagram of her beautiful twins, Sir Carter and Rumi, 1 month today. As always Queen B looks regal and “ethereal”, dressed in a cascading dress, swirled with soft purples bathing the twins. A delicate blue veil completes the breath-taking image. But are Beyoncé’s twins the luckiest pair […]

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