beyonce's twins

Beyoncé’s twins: Is it genes or can we give our babies the same start as Beyoncé and Jay-Z?

Beyoncé has sent the internet into a spin, posting her first pictures on Instagram of her beautiful twins, Sir Carter and Rumi, 1 month today. As always Queen B looks regal and “ethereal”, dressed in a cascading dress, swirled with soft purples bathing the twins. A delicate blue veil completes the breath-taking image. But are Beyoncé’s twins the luckiest pair […]


online weight loss programs

Left to your own devices: can online weight loss programs work?

Obesity is considered the sixth leading cause of mortality in the world today according to the World Health Organization, highlighting its transformation into a global health pandemic. It is second only to smoking in the number of preventable deaths in Australia and the levels of obesity and being overweight  and its co-morbidities are rising every […]


Psychological treatments Who am I?

Famous Faces: Psychological treatments and diet gurus: How well do you know them?

So it’s the weekend and it’s usually when we have more time for exercise, eating, cooking, relaxation and hopefully some mindfulness. Let’s have a bit of fun and see how well we know the people who have shaped psychiatry and psychological treatments for weight loss. Test yourself and see how good your knowledge is for […]



The Widening Gap: Weight Gain in Mental Illness: A National Health Priority.

The widening gap between the life expectancy of people with mental illness and Australia’s general population is a problem that requires urgent attention and weight gain in mental illness has become a mental health national priority. Statistics show that the average life expectancy of someone diagnosed with a mental illness is 50 to 59 years, […]


Rapid Weight Loss

Weight Loss in the Fast Lane

Findings show gradual weight loss no better than rapid weight loss. For decades Health professionals and dieticians have advised us that gradual weight loss in the treatment of obesity is the preferred method and was part of standard dietetic guidelines. It was widely believed that rapid weight loss methods would result in the individual regaining their weight quickly […]