Garlic lamb skewers

Spicy garlic lamb skewers

A classic recipe that can be grilled or barbecued that all members of the family would eat whether they are on a weight loss journey or not, meaning not having to cook 2 meals. Full of iron and nutrients that would provide energy. Time taken:   20mins Serves :             4   INGREDIENTS: 500 gms lamb […]


Photo courtesy of the Heart Foundation

Sang Choy Bow

(Photo courtesy of the Heart Foundation) A wonderful Chinese delicacy  that looks great, taste exotic and is the perfect light dinner. No one it is a Chinese favourite. Serves : 4 Time taken:  25mins INGREDIENTS 300 gms pork mince 300 gms veal mince 1 tbsp sesame oil 60 mls soy sauce 60 mls oyster sauce […]


Grilled fish with garlic, lemon and thyme

Fish with garlic, lemon and thyme

Want to eat look like Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot was seen eating this regularly on the set of the film. Fish is nutritious, healthy, full of omega 3 fatty acids and quick to prepare. Serves: 4  Prep time: 10 minutes  Cooking time: 5 minutes Ingredients 4 pieces of white fish fillets (barramundi, whiting) about 100gms […]