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How to catch a Prince like Meghan Markle? Tips to survive the Festive Season

Photo courtesy of  Alexi Lubomirski, official photographer of the Royal engagement. Photo taken from Instragram.

Megan Markle has managed to be the envy of many. She is beautiful and successful actress (of the hit series Suits), involves herself in Humanitarian work and the has captured the dream of many young girls: She will marry Prince Harry to become a Princess. We would be living with our head in the sand if we didn’t know that Meghan Markle became engaged Prince Harry in  November this year.

Christmas health

Well known to be a health and fitness advocate, she has come up with some helpful tips to enable us to manage the constant gorging, over eating and lack of exercise we do over the Festive Season.

Green Juice

  1. Meghan’s daily breakfast routine whether it is Christmas, New Year or holidays is a vanilla shake with berries, especially blueberries or acai berries. Blueberries is well known for being rich in proanthocyanidin. This helps with  fighting cancer, losing weight and glowing, young skin. Blueberries are also rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese and other antioxidants
  2. She is one to have her “turkey and eat it”. She enjoys celebrating with family during the Festive season and will so with the Queen this year, but balances it with daily exercise, her favourite being a 6 mile run. We must all remember that even though we are on holiday, our exercise should not be too. Infact, holidays are the easiest times to gain weight.
  3. A green juice is her favourite “pick me up” after late nights of Festive celebration rather then going through a drive through. It is also important to think of “clensing” after days of alcohol. Remember, there are little health benefits to alcohol, only calories and carbohydrates.
  4. Meghan has insightful thoughts in how to cope during these crazy times and shows us how she keeps a level head with all the publicity around her.  She says, ” thoughts become things, so it’s important to stay as positive as possible. It’s crazy how it trickles into everything in your life.’ Remember to stay mindful during these Festive season.
  5. Her last point I think is the most important. Meghan Markle reminds us to surround yourself with people who live a healthy lifestyle as it rubs off. If you do anything at these parties or family celebrations, work out which your family and friends are people who will support you in this journey and put aside those who will not.

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Merry Christmas everyone and remember, do not let one bad meal or day lead to several. You can always get back on the band wagon and you don’t need to be a would-be Princess, engaged to Prince Harry or a celebrity to do that.

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